Why Juggle Bookkeeping?

You've been slaving away ALL Day and the last thing you want to do is take another call, chase a customer for money or write up your invoices; this is where We CAN HELP!

Let the team at Juggle Bookkeeping, "Juggle" all your bills, all the paperwork and the income, for you, so you can, do more of what you enjoy!

Juggle Bookkeeping is a small service business which was established in Rotorua, New Zealand at the start of September 2016 with a goal of "Making business easier for YOU".  

We thrive on tasks completion and getting things in order, just when you think you've run out of time to do it yourself!

YOU NEED US - Bookkeepers play an significantly important role – we can code and prepare the information that would cost you a fortune with Accountants!

Sherri-Lee Fourie - Bookkeeper
Sherri-Lee Fourie


Trina Hawker - Administration & Marketing
Trina Hawker

Administration & Marketing