Why Juggle...

You've been slaving away ALL Day and the last thing you want to do is take another call, chase a customer for
money or write up your invoices; this is where We CAN HELP!

Let the team at Juggle Bookkeeping, "Juggle" all your bills, all the paperwork and the income, for you, so you can,
do more of what you enjoy!

Juggle Bookkeeping is a small service business which was established in Rotorua, New Zealand at the start of September 2016 with a goal of "Making business easier for YOU". We thrive on tasks completion and getting
things in order, just when you think you've run out of time to do it yourself!

YOU NEED US - Bookkeepers play an significantly important role – we can code and prepare the information
that would cost you a fortune with Accountants!

Bookkeeping +++

Juggle Bookkeeping specialises in a wide variety of Bookkeeping Services for our clients!

We have the experience and qualifications to provide expertise in all sorts of different areas; From simple Administration, right through to Job Management, Data Entry and Preparing Financial Reports.

We can work with you at your workplace or autonomously depending on your situation.

Whether you are looking for an honest and reliable data entry assistant for a short term, or are simply in need of assistance with your GST, we can help with any task!

Why not arrange a time to sit down and discuss your requirements over Coffee!

Cloud Accounting & Online Solutions

Small Business owners are extremely busy people!

Having many responsibilities to organise on a daily basis can become overwhelming, this is when the use of technology and Online Bookkeeping helps!
In many circumstances having an In-Office Assistant is not practical and is often expensive - not all Small Businesses can afford to do this. 
One of the common practices in business is to hire a bookkeeper to take care of your daily transactions, virtually, from an off-site office.

Juggle Bookkeeping uses the latest technology to seamlessly reconcile your accounts, send emails and provide information when you require it.

Cash flow & Account Management

Do you have Customers that owe you money but you don't have the time to chase them?

Maybe you have a pile of Bills that needed to be paid months ago!?

We're not a shy bunch! - We can give people the hurry up or get things processed for you so you can continue with the operations of your business.

Website Design & Social Media

Our Website Designs can help promote your business to the world!.

We understand the struggles of small business; high-costs and no time, therefore we ensure our design processes are affordable and accessible for small business owners as well as customised to your specific needs.

With the help of Social Media we can create informative Business Pages to help promote your business and build more awareness of your product/service. 

We can manage all aspects of your Social Media platforms from engaging posts, advertising and replying to customer requests or we can simply set it up and you can control your business from your smartphone.

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